A Simple Matter of God and Country


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In November 1938, less than a week after Kristallnacht, the Jewish men of Baden-Baden were marched off to concentration camps while the rest of the city stood idly by. This photograph was taken only a few weeks after the Sondheimers escaped from Germany.

Liesl married Martin Sondheimer - a hero of the First World War. In 1914, he'd joined the cavalry as an 18 year-old volunteer. After fighting bravely on three different battlefronts, and was discharged a highly decorated officer four years later.

Famous German Industrialist Berthold Bing and his beloved wife Hermine hold hands with their granddaughter Liesl in Nuremberg. (~1910)

After the War, Martin trained in medicine in Munich and Vienna - privileged to study directly under Freud. He later took advanced specialty training in cardiology, and became renowned for his expertise.

Berthold Bing's stamped photo identification for the International Exposition in Brussels, Belgium in 1900, where he helped introduce the Diesel engine to the world community.

Hannah Sondheimer's grade school class from the Evangelical School in Stuttgart. Her courageous teacher - Mrs. Buck (blue) - refused to permit Hannah's expulsion from her class, despite the Nuremberg Laws' banning of Jewish children from public schools. (Hanna circled in yellow)

With Nazi youth marching through the streets of Nuremberg, vicious propagandist Julius Streicher stands proudly in the foreground (yellow). In the distance appears the city's historic commerce building, where the image of Liesl's grandfather Berthold was gratefully placed by city fathers only 18 years before (blue).

A family picnic in the hills of Stuttgart the year before they left Germany. Notice Martin, who'd seen several friends and family members taken away and his beloved medical practice decimated by Nazi decrees. "When will they come?" (1937)